Soup with rice noodles and tofu - ReCiPes

You will need

  • Rice Vermicelli from Sen Soy Premium

    1 bunch

  • Pasta with Miso from Sen Soy Premium

    1 piece

  • Shiitake, whole from Sen Soy Premium

    1/2 pkg.

  • Fish sauce, Sen Soy Premium

    1 tbsp

  • Tofu cheese, dry

    2-3 tbsp

  • Broccoli

    6 buds

  • Coriander


  • Nutmeg


  • Ground ginger


  • Black pepper


  • Green onions

    4 PCs

  • 1.

    Shiitake mushrooms brand Sen Soy Premium, fill with boiling water and leave for 10 minutes.
    Rice vermicelli Rice Vermicelli cook according to the recipe on the back of the pack.
    Broccoli florets divide into smaller ones.

  • 2.

    Cook the broth: boiling water (1l) first, boil 3 minutes broccoli, remove broccoli. In vegetable broth stir well and pour the soup base paste –Miso and fish sauce from Sen Soy Premium . Adding shiitake, spices, and tofu.

  • 3.

    Right quickly to lay the table: distributed rice Japanese noodles in the batch bowl, spread on top of broccoli florets. Pour out the broth with tofu.
    Sprinkle top with chopped green onions.

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