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A terrific accompaniment to champagne and white dry wine, and just Royal delicious light and tasty appetizer recipe to our media sponsor — online storeDelicatessen.


  • Far Eastern oysters
  • Caviar salted

How to determine the freshness of the oysters:
Firstthe doors live shellfish should be closed tightly. Secondoyster, when you take it in hand, must be heavy because inside it is preserved seawater. And thirdopen the oyster needs to be fleshy and very wet.

How to open an oyster:

To open an oyster you will need a special knife, but in his absence ordinary kitchen knife — sturdy, not very wide, with a short thick blade.
The tip of the knife gently introduced into the gap at the side of the mollusk and begin to gently shake the leaf. An oyster attaches to the shell by means of two muscles, you need to gently pick up and cut one of them and then to throw open the sash. The less of the flesh remains on the top shutter, the more professional you have opened the oyster.

Open the clams put on a dish with ice, sprinkle with lemon juice and put on each oyster on ½ teaspoon of salted sockeye caviar.

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