Thai fresh salad - ReCiPes

You will need

  • Spicy Thai chili sauce Sriracha from SenSoyPremium

    ½ – 1 tsp. ((to taste. The sauce is very spicy!!!)

  • Soy sauce SenSoyPremium

    4 tbsp

  • Fish sauce from SenSoyPremium

    1 tsp.

  • Sesame oil from SenSoyPremium

    1/2 tsp.

  • Rice vinegar from SenSoyPremium

    2 tbsp

  • Vegetable oil

    4 tbsp

  • Orange juice with pulp

    3 tbsp.

  • Ginger


  • Beansprouts


  • Celery

    1 PC.

  • Bell pepper


  • Cherry Tomatoes

    3 PCs.

  • Mango

    ¼ – 1 piece

  • Green beans

    50 g

  • Peanuts or cashews (no fried)

    to taste

  • 1.

    Celery cut into thin petals on the bias. Cherry cut into thin petals, sweet pepper cut into thin small petals (length not more than 2 cm). Mango peel and cut into thin feathers (length not more than 2 cm). Green beans passeruem without salt and oil in a frying pan, it needs a bit to soften and become elastic.

  • 2.

    For the sauce: thoroughly mix the upper part of the ingredients.

  • 3.

    Mix in a dish the celery, sweet peppers, tomatoes and mango. Then we put like layers: first, the mixture of the vegetables, then a little soy germ and beans, then mix again. Sbryzgivaem all the sauce.

    Bon appetit!

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