Spring salad with Udon noodles - ReCiPes

You will need

  • Noodles “Udon” (UDON) from Sen Soy Premium

    1 snopik

  • Soy sauce from Sen Soy Premium

    3-4 tbsp

  • Fish sauce from Sen Soy Premium

    1 tsp.

  • Rice vinegar from Sen Soy Premium

    1 – 2 tbsp.

  • Sesame oil from Sen Soy Premium

    1 tbsp

  • Fresh green cucumber

    150 g

  • Carrots little

    1 PC.

  • Bow

    1/2 – 1 PC.

  • Honey

    1 tsp.

  • Vegetable oil

    1 tbsp

  • Black pepper


  • Hot red pepper


  • Ginger


  • Green onions

    1 PC.

  • 1.

    Noodles “Udon” from Sen Soy Premium boil according to the recipe on the back of the pack.
    Carrots cut into thin petals with a peeler or knife, then the petals cut into strips.

  • 2.

    Cut the cucumber. Green onions finely chop. Passeruem carrots, she needs to soften, then add carrots and just a minute later remove from heat.
    Cut onion into half rings and fry in vegetable oil until Golden brown.

  • 3.

    Mix well in a bowl brand soy sauce, fish sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, vegetable oil, black pepper, red and ginger, honey. Mix sauce with cucumbers and carrots.

  • 4.

    On the plate put the noodles first , and then distributed with the vegetables. On top decorate with Golden and green onions.

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