Oshizushi with crab - ReCiPes

You will need

  • Sushi set from Sen Soy Premium or Sushi-Nori from Sen Soy Premium

  • Sushi Rice from Sen Soy Premium

    250 gr

  • Sen Soy Premium Rice Vinegar

  • Classic Soy Sauce from Sen Soy Premium

  • Tobiko caviar from Sen Soy Premium

    1 tbsp

  • Pickled Ginger by Sen Soy Premium

  • Wasabi by Sen Soy Premium

  • Soft crab sticks

  • Creamy (curd) cheese

    100 g

  • Fresh cucumber

    2-3 pcs.

  • 1.

    We follow the instructions on each Sen Soy Premium brand product: boil the rice, let it cool slightly, mix with rice vinegar.

  • 2.

    As the rice cools down. Individual portions, for beauty, can be mixed with Sen Soy Premium brand Tobiko caviar: black, red, green or orange – to your taste.

  • 3.

    The bottom of a glass rectangular shape (small size, for example 20 * 20cm; for training, you can take a smaller size), gently line the cling film with one layer; it should cover the bottom and sides, and also should be on the edge of the stock.

  • 4.

    We put in the oven for 15 minutes, turn over and bake for another 5 minutes. Thoroughly mix the curd cheese, sour cream (or mayonnaise), squeeze Sen Soy Premium brand wasabi and chopped garlic from the tube.

    For lovers of spicy dishes, we recommend adding Kimchi paste (2 tbsp) to the sauce.

  • 5.

    Now put the filling on the film. First, cover the bottom with soft crab sticks; spread tightly to each other (to save money, sticks can be pre-cut lengthwise into 2 flat halves).
    Then, on top, line a thin layer of prepared rice (0.3 cm thick., 1u thick with rice).
    Press firmly with your fingers (press).

  • 6.

    Then we distribute very thinly sliced ​​straws of fresh cucumber.

  • 7.

    We put a sheet of seaweed “Sushi-Nori” brand Sen Soy Premium (these are high-quality nori “class-A”, Gold)

  • 8.

    We again lay out a thin layer of rice (thickness – 0.3 cm., Thickness 1u figure)
    Press firmly with your fingers (press).

  • 9.

    Now apply the curd cheese. If you bought a dense cheese (briquette), then you can mix it with cream (100 g of cottage cheese * 3 tbsp cream).

  • 10.

    Spread a thin layer of rice again (-0.3 cm thick.)
    Press firmly with your fingers (press).

  • eleven.

    For a better density, gently pull the edges of the cling film from the edges and ram our pressed sushi on top.
    After 2-3 minutes, we cover the board with our glass form, after removing the edges of the film. Now quickly turn our OZHUSHI. Remove the glass form, remove the film.

  • 12.

    Now we wet a very sharp knife in rice vinegar and cut rectangular oshizushi (2.5 * 3.5 cm.)

  • thirteen.

    Traditionally, sushi meal is served with pickled ginger, natural soy sauce and wasabi spicy seasoning.

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