Japanese salad with citrus and shrimp - ReCiPes

You will need

  • Citrus Filling by Sen Soy Premium

    1 PC. (40g)

  • Large shrimp

    4-6 pcs.

  • Roman Lettuce (or Iceberg)

    1-3 sheets

  • Orange

    1/2 pcs.

  • Pomela

    1-2 slices

  • Greens for decoration

  • 1.

    Boil the shrimp, then peel off the carapace and intestinal vein.
    Citrus slices clear of film; large slices cut in half.
    Cut the leaves of Romaine lettuce into small pieces (if you use Iceberg lettuce, you must not cut it, but carefully tear it into small pieces with your hands).

  • 2.

    To make the salad easier to mix, you need to lay out each ingredient a little bit in several layers.

    Then sprinkle the dressing for Sen Soy Premium brand Japanese salad “CITRUS” on top and decorate with greens.

  • 3.

    To make it easier to interfere with the salad, it is necessary to lay out all the ingredients in a deep salad bowl a little bit, as if in layers.

  • 4.

    Then gently “ruffle” the mass with 2 spatulas. Water (spray on the surface) dressing “Citrus” brand from Sen Soy Premium. Once again, gently mix the salad (do not interfere, but raise the mass from the edges with spatulas) so that the ingredients do not choke and remain juicy.

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