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Eggs Stuffed With Red Fish | Fresh Recipes

Such eggs can be stuffed with any red salted and smoked fish – trout, salmon, chum salmon and so on. In cooking, the appetizer is not at all complicated, and the taste is great.

Composition for 6 large eggs:

  • chicken eggs
  • red fish – 80 g
  • curd or cream cheese – 60 g (can be replaced with butter)
  • dill greens – 2-4 branches without hard stems
  • black freshly ground pepper optional

How to cook stuffed eggs with fish:

If you use butter, get it on the table in advance to make it soft.

Eggs should be boiled, cooled, peeled and cut in half lengthwise. Remove the yolks. Set aside 3 pieces to the side, and 3 knead with a fork.

Cut red fish into small pieces, wash the dill, dry and chop finely.

Combine mashed yolk, cheese or butter, dill and pepper. Mix well. Add red fish and mix again. If the mass will crumble, add cheese or butter.

Red Fish Stuffed Eggs

Now halves of the eggs need to be stuffed with fish filling and combine into whole eggs. And you can not connect them, but lay them with the filling up and decorate with greens or red caviar.

Red Fish Stuffed Eggs

A dish with stuffed eggs can be decorated with greens, lettuce, olives, olives, vegetables.

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