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There is an opinion that it is difficult to cook duck meat at home, and it is better to provide this matter to kitchen professionals. Our recipe will help make sure that it’s not! Exquisite festive An elegant and amazingly delicious duck breast dish can be your signature dish!

Ingredients for 1 serving:

Duck breast – 160 gr.
Zucchini – 50 gr.
Pear – ½ pcs.
Orange – 1/2 pcs.
Tempura flour – 50 gr.
Fresh-frozen berries (blackberries, raspberries, strawberries) – 100 gr.
Sugar – 10 gr.
Cinnamon – 1 gr.
Cherry – 1 pcs.

Cooking method:

Salt, pepper and fry the duck breast in a hot pan with the skin down (without oil, since the skin of the duck is oily and this fat, which when it starts to liberate abundantly, will be enough for frying) until golden brown on both sides (2 minutes on the skin side and a minute on the other side), then shift to the baking dish.
We clean the pear from the skin and cut into slices no more than 1 cm thick in a wide part (6 slices).
We prepare tempura flour: mix the flour with water until smooth (proportion of about 1: 1).
In the prepared tempera dough, roll the pear so that there are no places free from the dough, and fry in a very hot oil in a pan or deep fat fryer until golden brown (usually no more than 5 minutes).
We lay the finished pear in tempura on a paper towel so that the excess fat is absorbed.


We clean the orange from the skin and cut it out lobule segments skinless orange, pitted and white parts (5 pcs.). Cherry is cut in half and cut into thin slices (6 pcs.), Then we take out the flesh and it looks like a smile.
Berry sauce: boil the berries with sugar and cinnamon for 20 minutes, then punch in a blender until smooth.
Cut the zucchini into thin strips, then cut each strip into thin strips, roll in flour and fry until golden brown using the “deep fat” method, add a pinch of salt.
We put the duck breast with the skin up in the oven, preheated to 200 degrees for 4 minutes, so we get the correct roast for the duck breast “rare” turning into “medium rare”, if you prefer more fried meat, hold for another 2 minutes.
Cut the finished breast into plates, slightly dry on a napkin so that the juice does not drip on a plate.
On a plate “with the rays of the sun” we spread the tempura from the pear, between them are segments of orange and on each pear a “smile” of cherry. On the other hand, fan out the duck breast and pour the berry sauce on top. In the center of the plate we spread hay from zucchini and a sprig of basil.

Bon Appetit!

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