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Jam of apricots

In our family, even just
the expression “apricot jam” evokes a cheerful smile. Becomes warm
soul, and immediately there is an overwhelming desire to get the latest jar from
locker with supplies. And away we go…. Pancakes, pancakes, ice cream dish, full
joyful delicacy for tea.

  • Apricot 1 kg
  • Water 1 glass
  • Sugar 1200 g
  • Citric acid ½ tsp

  • Jam of apricots
    Select ripe but firm fruit, without stains and damaged areas.
  • Jam of apricots
    Cut into neat halves, while removing bones.
  • Jam of apricots
    Cook the syrup of water, sugar and citric acid. Remove from the heat and after a minute put in it, halves of apricots, shaking so that they all completely drowned in syrup. And so leave it to cool down.
  • Jam of apricots
    After cooling again, bring to the boil (but not boil) and cooled in the room. Do this 3 times. With such cooking jam slices of apricots will remain intact and transparent.
  • Jam of apricots
    When the jam boil one last time, pour it immediately into sterilized jars and close with sterile lids. Joyful delicacy is ready for use. Even winter can’t wait…. Enjoy your tea!

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