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Fruit jelly with gelatin

What could be better than this
easy, delicious fruit jelly for all, without exception, lovers
sweet. This dainty fit and very young children, and pregnant
women who adhere to a strict diet. In its preparation can
add cinnamon or other spices that you like cardamom, vanilla

  • Apple ½ kg
  • Sugar 6 tbsp
  • Water 1 l
  • Gelatin 50 g

  • Fruit jelly with gelatin
    Prepare the apples. Refreshed under running water. Cut into quarters and cut out the middle and tails.
  • Fruit jelly with gelatin
    Cook for twenty or thirty minutes (until tender fruits) after the water with the apples to boil. For about five minutes before the end add sugar and stir.
  • Fruit jelly with gelatin
    Prepare gelatin to use in Jell-o thus, as indicated on the packaging from the manufacturer. It needs completely without grains, to be dissolved in water.
  • Fruit jelly with gelatin
    Sweet broth with the apples, mix and pass through a sieve with gauze that we had 700 ml.
  • Fruit jelly with gelatin
    Pour the dissolved gelatin into the broth and mix well. When slightly cooled, pour into a La carte dishes. You can pre-put in pieces of fruit or vegetables. Bon appetit!

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