Delicate tiramisu with cottage cheese and strawberries - ReCiPes


  • cottage cheese
    500 g
  • Strawberry
    200 g
  • dark black chocolate
    fifty g
  • bananas
    2 PC.
  • milk (cold)
    1/2 cups
  • strong coffee
    2 tbsp



  • Cut the peeled bananas and strawberries, leave one berry for decoration. Using a mixer, beat low-fat cottage cheese with cold milk into a creamy mass, pour two tablespoons of brewed coffee.
  • Put a third of the bananas on the bottom of the salad bowl with a flat bottom, then – a layer of strawberries, grated dark chocolate, curd mass. Repeat the layers two more times, in the same order, with cottage cheese and grated chocolate on top. Put the left strawberry, put tiramisu with cottage cheese in the cold for four hours, you can at night.

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