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Creamy ice cream with peaches

If You are in the country or
the plot still don’t grow the peaches, they should be put. On
the worst you can buy them ready on the market or in the supermarket. Because to hold
summer without this wonderfully tasty, fragrant, showy creamy
ice cream with peaches, cooked with his own hands, is simply impossible!


  • Peaches — 3 PC.
  • Fatty cream — 350 ml
  • Condensed milk — 80 ml
  • Vanilla sugar – 1 tsp

Method of preparation:

How do we prepare a creamy
ice cream with peaches? Wash peaches under running water. Remove the peel. As
it turned out, there is a very easy way to remove it. Pour the fruit with boiling water and
pour it in 40 seconds. Pour very cold water for 2 minutes. Now
without problems remove the skin and remove the bones. Cut the pulp in pieces.

Creamy ice cream with peaches

Use immersion blender to grind the sliced peaches into a puree. Add condensed milk, vanilla sugar and whisk at high speed.

Creamy ice cream with peaches

Pour heavy cream and
beat again for 3 minutes.

Creamy ice cream with peaches

Spread the mixture in a
a plastic container where you can store food in the freezer. Ice cream
freeze 4 hours, but every half hour we get it and stir. Frozen
ice cream put in kremanki and decorate with some fresh berries,
slices of the same peach, mint. Everything your heart desires. Good Luck
experiments and Bon appetit!

Creamy ice cream with peaches

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