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According to this recipe for
making dough in the list of other components boiling water is used.
The dough is brewed with boiling water and it turns out stable and at the same time soft.
Large cake can be divided into two or three cake layers, cut with a long knife. Can
Do not use cocoa, then it will be light.

  • Boiling water 1 glass
  • Cow’s milk 1 glass
  • Chicken egg 2 PC.
  • Refined vegetable oil 1/2 cups
  • Granulated sugar 2 cups
  • Wheat flour 2 cups
  • Soda 1 tsp
  • Baking powder 2 tsp
  • Salt 1/3 tsp
  • Cocoa powder 5 tbsp
  • Vanilla sugar 1 tbsp

  • How do we make a chocolate biscuit in a slow cooker that we can use for any, even the most fantastically beautiful cake? Prepare the multicooker bowl. Lubricate its inner surface with refined vegetable oil, and lay a circle of baking paper on the bottom.
  • Chocolate sponge cake in a slow cooker
    Using a mixer, beat the eggs with sugar in a separate bowl, add refined vegetable oil and milk to them.
  • Chocolate sponge cake in a slow cooker
    Mix cocoa and flour in a larger bowl.
  • Chocolate sponge cake in a slow cooker
    Add the baking soda and baking powder here and mix well again.
  • Chocolate sponge cake in a slow cooker
    Pour the egg-oil mixture into a dry flour mixture and mix well until smooth. At the same time, we warm the water to a boiling state and pour it into this dough, too, and quickly knead it.
  • Quickly pour the dough into the already prepared multicooker bowl (in this case, you can not delay). Turn on the multicooker in the “baking” mode for 60 minutes. After that, do not open the multicooker lid, but leave the biscuit for another 10 minutes in the “heating” mode.
  • Chocolate sponge cake in a slow cooker
    Now we take out the bowl, and with the help of the steaming mold we put it on this very mold so that it cools faster from below through the holes in it. Cut the cooled biscuit with a long ribbed knife into two or three identical parts.
  • Chocolate sponge cake in a slow cooker
    Now, in accordance with your desires and imagination, you can finish your fantastic masterpiece. You can, as in the photo next. We wish you success in preparing for the holidays and always in a good mood!

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