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Chocolate glaze

If you need to quickly
coating culinary products viscous shiny chocolate icing, you can
you can cook it at our recipe. Moderately flexible, moderately hard after
pour, it will satisfy any taste of any chef.

  • Chocolate milk 300 g
  • 35% cream 300 ml
  • Vanilla tsp

  • Chocolate glaze
    Breaks the chocolate bar into pieces.
  • Chocolate glaze
    Cream with vanilla bring to a boil, but not boil.
  • Chocolate glaze
    Pour the cream into the chopped chocolate and quickly stir.
  • Chocolate glaze
    Culinary product should be ready to handle the hot glaze. You can do this with a spoon or a cooking syringe. Very quickly, because the icing hardens too quickly. Bon appetit!

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