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Jelly biscuit cake

To cook this
we use ready-made biscuit cakes, which you can buy in
supermarket, and jelly bags of different colors and tastes. The rest is done
very fast, and a good holiday mood for your family is guaranteed.

  • Sponge cakes 3 PC.
  • Assorted jelly 3 PC.
  • Sour cream 30% 500 ml
  • Granulated sugar 250 g
  • Vanillin 1/2 tsp
  • Gelatin twenty g
  • Water 180 ml
  • To decorate:
  • Mix of nuts 1 glass
  • Black chocolate 100 g

  • How do we make a jelly-biscuit surprise cake? Let’s start with jelly. Jelly we buy different colors and different tastes. We prepare it as the manufacturer suggests on the packaging with the dry mixture.
  • Cake jelly biscuit Surprise
    We begin the preparation of the cream by soaking the gelatin. Fill it with cold water, leave it for 15 minutes. Then we stir in a water bath until it is completely dissolved. Let it cool down a bit.
  • Cake jelly biscuit Surprise
    We place sour cream, vanillin and sugar in another bowl and beat with a mixer.
  • Cake jelly biscuit Surprise
    A few tablespoons of this mixture are added to the cooling gelatin and mixed. Pour it into the main mixture of sour cream and sugar in small portions, continuing to whisk everything with a mixer until the mixture becomes air-homogeneous.
  • Cake jelly biscuit Surprise
    We need a deep salad bowl. We line it with cling film. Two of the three biscuit cakes and all the jelly are broken with a knife into pieces. And then we randomly throw everything into the salad bowl, pouring it over with whipped mixture.
  • Cake jelly biscuit Surprise
    All pieces should be spilled with a cream and sugar mixture.
  • On top we attach the third biscuit cake, press it down to compact the entire mass that is under it. We cut off the hanging edges and place the cake in the refrigerator for a couple of hours to freeze.
  • Cake jelly biscuit Surprise
    We take the chilled cake from the refrigerator and cover the cake with a flat plate, in which we will serve the cake.
  • Cake jelly biscuit Surprise
    Turn over. Remove the salad bowl and cling film. The cake is very beautiful and colorful now.
  • Cake jelly biscuit Surprise
    But it can still be decorated. You can scatter a mixture of your favorite nuts on top, and sprinkle chocolate chips on your sides. Cake Surprise is ready. With this cake you can celebrate the New Year! Great mood and bon appetit!

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