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Apple jelly from the excess harvest

If You have a cottage,
and You have nowhere to put your harvest of apples (my grandmother is even buried them sometimes
from a surplus) I offer a recipe excellent Apple jelly at the lowest cost
for its preparation.

  • Apple 6 kg
  • Water 1200 ml
  • Sugar 700 g

  • Wash apples under running water and cut into quarters. Neither the crust nor the middle with seeds for this recipe no need to remove! They give an unrivalled flavor to our finished jelly.
  • Apples fill with water and boil for 45 minutes on low heat (after boiling water).
  • Discharged all in a big colander (or a few less, if not large) and let the juice drain for 2 hours.
  • To fill up the remaining juice with the sugar and ovarium until tender 45-60 minutes. Readiness defined by a drop of jelly on a saucer which should not be spread. It is transparent and fragrant!
  • Spread into small sterile jars and close with sterile lids. Flip the jars is not necessary. After cooling, put them in a cool dry dark place. A great treat for tea! Bon appetit!

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