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Pancake Cake Snow White

As it turned out, from ordinary
fried pancakes you can collect snow-white, airy, fantastically delicious
Cooking artwork – Snow White Cake. We offer to read our version
this miracle.

  • Fried pancakes eighteen PC.
  • Granulated sugar 250 g
  • Cream 35% 250 ml
  • Cherry jam 1 glass

  • Pancake Cake Snow White
    How do we make a cake from Snow White pancakes? Let’s start with the main thing. After all, we already have fresh, airy, aromatic fried grandmother’s pancakes!
  • And the main thing in this case is the snow-white layer, which makes our cake snow-white. To prepare it, we need thick fresh cream and granulated sugar. Beat with half sugar, gradually increasing the speed of rotation of the mixer.
  • Pancake Cake Snow White
    Then gradually add sugar in portions. When the mass has become stably dense and stable traces of corollas form on the surface, the creamy layer is ready.
  • Pancake Cake Snow White
    Putting our cake together. Starting from the very first pancake, we coat them all with a snow-white mass. And the latter including.
  • Pancake Cake Snow White
    We put the cake in the refrigerator for solidification. It is possible for 2 to 3 hours, and it is best to cook a cake in the evening so that it stays in the cold all night. In the morning we decorate it with cherry jam, you can even decorate with berries (fresh or thawed).
  • Pancake Cake Snow White
    That’s such a beauty. Cherry jam can be replaced with any favorite jam or jam. Enjoy all of you communication, tea drinking and appetite! Upcoming holidays!

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