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Vegetable salad with cabbage and pepper

This salad is a simplified version of two recipes for preserving cabbage. If you have a food processor with the function of slicing, it will take no more than thirty minutes to prepare a salad. The shelf life of such a salad in the refrigerator is from three to five months, and taste is not lost.

Complexity: simply
Kitchen: home kitchen


  • cabbage
    7 kg
  • bell peppers
    3 kg
  • carrot
    3 kg
  • bulb onions
    1,5 kg
  • vegetable oil
    500 ml
  • chilli
    150 g
  • acetic acid (70%)
    fifty g
  • salt
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  • Cut all the vegetables into strips, mix with oil and vinegar. Put in jars, close with lids from nylon. Store vegetable salad with cabbage in the refrigerator.


This amount of food will require 1/2 cup of 9 percent vinegar. The taste should be sour. Better to top up vinegar than to pour.

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