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Sugar candied orange peels

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Complexity: just
Kitchen: home kitchen


  • orange peels
    500 r
  • sugar
    500 r
  • water
    3 glasses
  • citric acid


  • Cut orange peels into oblong thin strips and soak in cold water for about three days, the water must be changed three times a day. After 3 days, fill the crusts with water.
  • Leave for another 36 hours, change the water only once (after 18 hours). For the next two days, the peels must be boiled – once a day. After each boil, pour the crust with clean cold water.
  • Then put the crusts in sweet sugar syrup for 4 days. Then heat it up a little, remove the crusts, roll in sugar, put the candied orange peels on a sieve and dry.


You can also cook candied fruits in chocolate, for this they need to be rolled not in sugar, but dipped in chocolate melted in a water bath.

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