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Strawberry jam with lemon juice

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Complexity: just
Kitchen: International cuisine


  • Strawberry
    five kg
  • sugar
    five kg
  • lemon (juice)
    1/2 PCS.


  • Peel the strawberries of green stalks and rinse with cold water. Dry the berries. Place a layer of sugar on the bottom of a large saucepan to make the jam. Put some of the berries in a saucepan and add a layer of sugar again. Thus, lay out all the sugar and all the berries in layers. Set aside the berries for several hours.
  • Drain the released syrup into a separate saucepan, boil it and pour the syrup over the berries. Place a saucepan with jam over low heat and cook without stirring for about 50 minutes. Add lemon juice to the jam a couple of minutes until ready. When the strawberry jam with lemon juice is ready, arrange it in the jars.


Lemon juice will keep the jam from becoming sugared during storage.

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