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This recipe is used to prepare vegetables with a specific flavor of Korean dishes. A wonderful snack in winter and an excellent source of vitamins, together with an exceptional taste and smell.

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Complexity: just
Kitchen: International cuisine


  • zucchini
    3 Kg
  • carrot
    500 r
  • sugar
    200 r
  • vegetable oil
    one hundred r
  • vinegar 9%
    one hundred r
  • bulb onions
    4 heads
  • garlic
    12 teeth
  • salt
    2 tbsp
  • seasoning for Korean carrots
    1 packaging


  • To prepare the salad, peel and seed the zucchini and grate for Korean carrots. This only applies to old fruits with hard skin and seeds. If the zucchini is young, it is not necessary to remove the skin.
  • Peel the carrots and grate like zucchini, cut the onion into small cubes. Put all prepared vegetables in one bowl. Mix spices, crushed garlic, oil, vinegar and add to vegetables. Arrange the salad in sterile, half-liter jars.
  • To sterilize, take a tall saucepan and cover the bottom with a towel. Place the salad jars at the bottom of the pan and pour water to the height of the salad in the jars. Sterilize for 30 minutes. Roll up and wrap up Korean zucchini salad for the winter.
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