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  • cucumbers — can be seen in the picture
  • sugar — sprinkled without fanaticism
  • lemon fresh — in my version

Method of preparation:

Recipe for fun, as they say. Yesterday, watching TV, the first channel is the transfer from Suzdal. City announce the cucumber capital of Russia, after you explain that every year he celebrates the Day of cucumber. To go right would go, but from the Internet learned that this year, an incredible celebration was held on July 19.

Well, since then bummer, keep looking. And in my eyes cucumber make jam. Such a nice Auntie, from all sides and in all ways alluring, positive, enticing and… well, better then I about the recipe explains that it takes the over-ripe cucumbers, which in the market refuse to 105% of buyers. And when turning them into jam, it is immediately swept out by foreigners, almost with a crush in the queue. Posyltorg resting, ORS nervously smokes on the sidelines.

Why she once believed? Why do we trust women? Convincingly say… Remember “Tell the truth. Only the truth. Nothing but the truth. Never say the whole truth”

Cucumber bought and cleaned. Still rummaging, rummaging in the Internet, I got the above recipe, the rest were absolutely identical to each other, but this drew attention. Cucumbers cleaned and cut into pieces, covered with sugar, left for 6 hours, after being boiled for 15 minutes and left to infuse overnight.

In the morning, afternoon and evening boiled… but what you explain… rather Podkopaeva during 15 minutes, in the end, the cucumbers have settled to the bottom. The smell of course was… no.

The recipe recommended to add red currant, mint, or something, just eaten. I then squeezed a lemon with his heavy hand, the cucumbers added a sour and fragrant juice and they turned into jam.

Pleasant smell, delicious bites, syrup sea. Delicious tea drink with him. To do recommend to everyone. Why? But fan, for fun. Guests come, give them a salad of cucumbers and jam from the rest.


Jam cucumbers. The dish is simple

Jam cucumbers. The dish is simple

Jam cucumbers. The dish is simple

Jam cucumbers. The dish is simple

Jam cucumbers. The dish is simple

Jam cucumbers. The dish is simple

Bon appetit!

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