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Homemade Salted Mackerel in Tea Pickle

The mackerel, prepared according to the recipe below, is so tasty and beautiful that it will be difficult for your guests to distinguish it from a smoked fish.

Complexity: average
Kitchen: home kitchen


  • water
    1 l
  • mackerel
    2 PC.
  • sugar
    4 tbsp
  • salt
    4 tbsp
Mackerel Fish


  • Thaw the fish under water (flowing), rinse, cut off the head and clean the carcass of the insides. Then thoroughly rinse both mackerels and pat dry with paper towels.
  • For brine: pour boiling water over the tea leaves and let the tea cool completely, then add salt and sugar to it and mix everything thoroughly. Put the prepared fish in the resulting brine and put the bowl in the refrigerator, where to keep homemade salted mackerel in tea brine for 4 days.
  • After the allotted time, remove the fish from the brine, hang it above the washbasin and keep it all night. Put salted mackerel in a paper bag and put in the refrigerator.


Instead of tea brine, you can use the well-known liquid smoke.

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