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Homemade fried sausages

The most delicious sausage is homemade. It is not difficult to cook it, the main thing is to use fresh meat and measure in spices.

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Complexity: just
Kitchen: International cuisine


  • pork
    1,2 Kg
  • mutton
    500 g
  • bulb onions
    2 heads
  • ground black pepper
  • utskho-suneli
  • salt


  • In order for homemade sausages to be moderately fat, it is necessary to take 3/4 of pork and 1/4 of beef (or lamb), of the total amount of meat. Cut all the meat into very small pieces, about 1×1 cm.
  • Add finely chopped onion and garlic passed through a press to the meat. Season with salt and pepper to taste, also season with utskho-suneli. Rinse sausage guts very well and fill with minced meat.
  • It is easier to fill the intestines with special nozzles or use any funnel. Fill the intestines tightly with minced meat and pierce the whole sausage with a needle so that it does not break during frying.
  • Put homemade sausages in a hot, oiled frying pan and fry for at least 45 minutes under the lid. Ready-made sausages will fill the room with aroma and invite all family members to the table.
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