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Cucumber recipe with photo | Fresh Recipes

This method of harvesting piquant cucumbers with black ground pepper will delight the whole family. The taste of cucumbers is not sharp, but has some zest. Nobody can refuse such crunchy cucumbers. Calculation of products is described for one three-liter jar.


  • 2.5 kilograms of cucumbers;
  • 1 liter of water (for marinade);
  • 7-10 pieces of currant leaves;
  • 3-4 pieces of garlic prongs;
  • 30-40 grams of green dill;
  • a tablespoon of salt;
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar;
  • a pinch of ground black pepper;
  • 7-10 pieces of allspice peas;
  • 7-10 pieces of peppercorns of black pepper;
  • citric acid (at the tip of a knife);
  • 2 pieces of aspirin tablets;
  • 4-6 pieces of bay leaves.

If you or your loved ones have a predisposition to allergic reactions or peptic ulcer of the stomach, intestines, functional disorders of the kidneys, it is advisable to replace the preservative with more harmless aspirin, such as citric acid.

Step-by-step cooking sequence:

All products and utensils must be clean. The jar requires sterilization. Boil the screw cap in advance. Wash the leaves of currants and greens of dill, it is better to even pour over boiling water. Put leaves and herbs in a jar.

Cucumber recipe with photo

Rinse the cucumbers very thoroughly.

Trim each gherkin on both sides.

Tightly place the cucumbers in a jar.

Cucumber recipe with photo

Boil water in a kettle.

Pour cucumbers with this boiling water.

Leave the jar aside for 20 minutes. During this time, it will be necessary to separately make a marinade for future harvesting. Boil water in a saucepan.

Cucumber recipe with photo

Pour in salt, sugar and put bay leaves there. Boil for 5-7 minutes.

Cucumber recipe with photo

Drain the water from the can into the sink.

To do this, use a special rubber cover with holes.

Cucumber recipe with photo

In a jar of cucumbers put finely chopped pieces of garlic, peas of black and allspice.

Add black ground pepper.

Put aspirin and citric acid.

Cucumber recipe with photo

Already prepared, hot marinade pour the cucumbers in the bank.

Screw on the cover with a wrench.

The first 24 hours the jar needs to be stored upside down.

Moreover, the jar with blanks should be well wrapped in a blanket.

Cucumber recipe with photo

Further storage in the basement.


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