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Salted chum salmon prepared in this way can be stored for a whole year, until the next salting of fish. So, for salting chum salmon, I take fish, preferably larger, because then it will be fatter and, necessarily, male, as males have stronger flesh than females. I clean it, mine, take off my skin and take out the bones.

I prepare a mixture of salt and sugar. 3 parts of salt one part sugar. You can add vodka to this mixture to make a wet slurry. I roll each piece of fish in this mixture well and put it in three-liter jars. I close the lids and put it in the refrigerator.

If the fish is environmentally friendly, then after 12 hours, provided that the pieces are small, it can already be eaten. And it will be very salted and tasty. But since in our area the ecology is not at all clean, it is recommended to salt the fish for 40 days. Only then does it become safe to eat.

In the same way, I salt and herring. You can add chopped fresh dill to it. I just do not put it in a jar, but simply wrap it in a linen towel and put it in the refrigerator for 12 hours. Then I wash off the salt and prepare all sorts of goodies from it.

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