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Coffee with cardamom and condensed milk

Condensed milk gives the coffee a certain density and tenderness, and in combination with cardamom, the drink is also additionally spiced.

Composition for 2 cups:

  • 20 g coffee
  • 2 tsp of condensed milk
  • 1 coffee spoon of cardamom
  • 250-300 ml of cold non-boiled water

Making coffee with condensed milk and cardamom

Pour the crushed coffee grains and cardamom into the Turk and warm it over low heat for quite a while. From this, the contents of the turk will begin to emit aroma more intensely.

Pour in water and brew the drink over low heat until it begins to rise.

While the coffee is brewing, it is necessary to warm the cups with boiling water and put milk in them.

Remove coffee from heat, hold for a few seconds and put on fire again. This can be done 3 times. Just do not bring it to a boil.

With this cooking option, coffee grains and cardamom will better give their taste and aroma to the drink.

Now the contents of the Turks must be filtered through a fine sieve into cups.

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