ReCiPes - ReCiPes

Pancakes “Openwork” with kefir and milk

Rice salad cake with corn

Lean green borsch with celery

Dumplings baked with sour cream in a slow cooker

Blueberry jam with apple pieces

Rosehip and apple compote with zest

Homemade Adyghe cheese with herbs

Cake “Two nuts” with bitter chocolate

Chicken salad with mushrooms and cheese

American Curvy Donuts in Glaze

Duck with peaches in a slow cooker

Spicy carp

You will need Mirror carp 1 PC. (2 kg.) Kimchi Pasta from Sen Soy Premium …

Pickled carp

You will need Carp / crucian 1 kg. Fish Sauce by Sen Soy Premium 4 …

Filipino stewed vegetables

You will need SenSoyPremium fish sauce 1 tsp Classic soy sauce from SenSoyPremium 2 tbsp …

Tempura crab sticks

You will need Tempura flour Sen Soy Premium Tempura Flakes Sen Soy Premium Potato starch …

No. 1 Salmon Teriyaki

You will need Salmon fillets 500 g Sen Soy Premium ORIGINAL Soy Sauce 3 tbsp. …

No. 2 Salmon Teriyaki

You will need Teriyaki sauce (TERIYAKI) by Sen soy Premium 1 pack (120 g.) Salmon …