ReCiPes - ReCiPes

Parmesan, sour cream and anchovy sauce

Liver pancakes stuffed with carrots

Simple chocolate brownies in the oven

This Blackberry Peach Crisp is Summer in a Pan

Oatmeal casserole with honey and bananas

Broth with lungwort and meatballs

Healthy chicken bran sausages

Bagels with meat filling and cheese

Mexican lemonade with grapes

Chocolate cupcake in a cup in 5 minutes

Pickled carp

You will need Carp / crucian 1 kg. Fish Sauce by Sen Soy Premium 4 …

Filipino stewed vegetables

You will need SenSoyPremium fish sauce 1 tsp Classic soy sauce from SenSoyPremium 2 tbsp …

Tempura crab sticks

You will need Tempura flour Sen Soy Premium Tempura Flakes Sen Soy Premium Potato starch …

No. 1 Salmon Teriyaki

You will need Salmon fillets 500 g Sen Soy Premium ORIGINAL Soy Sauce 3 tbsp. …

No. 2 Salmon Teriyaki

You will need Teriyaki sauce (TERIYAKI) by Sen soy Premium 1 pack (120 g.) Salmon …

Oshizushi with crab

You will need Sushi set from Sen Soy Premium or Sushi-Nori from Sen Soy Premium …